You don’t even need a garden to grow your own vegetables!

Regardless if you don’t get enough sun, have low-quality soil, or don’t have a garden, there are still ways to grow your own vegetables. Nearly all veggies can be grown in containers, so check out these four vegetables that you can grow in containers!

Picking the right sized container for your tomatoes is important

Regular tomato plants can be planted in containers that are 24” deep. Dwarf tomatoes should be planted in containers with a depth of 12”. But for standard tomatoes, fill up your contained with seven gallons of potting soil mix (3.5 gallons for dwarf tomatoes) and place a seed or tomatoe transplant 40% lowers compared to how deep you’d plant it in a garden.

Ensure the stem is covered with soil and you can create extra support by using a tomato cage. When it comes to fertilizing your tomato plants, use a timed-release fertilizer as well as one that’s soluble by water. Use ½ a tablespoon of fertilizer for every gallon of soil used for the timed-release. Use the water soluble fertilizer after the plant is producing tomatoes to strengthen the soil every 1-2 weeks.

All kinds of peppers can be grown in containers

You can grow any kind of pepper you want in a contain that has a depth of 16”. Put five and a half gallons of potting soil and three tablespoons of a timed-release fertilizer. Plant them as deep as you would in a garden and mix in a trellis to ensure the peppers are supported as they grow. When your peppers start producing, you will need to use a water soluble fertilizer on them every 1-2 weeks.

Watering your lima beans regularly is crucial

Lima beans can grow well in containers that are 8-10” deep with a width of 12”. Use two and a half gallons of potting soil, with two and a half tablespoons of a slow-release fertilizer. When you see the lima beans sprouting, start including a water soluble fertilizer and be wary that lima beans require a lot of watering. This is because the moisture isn’t retained as well in containers compared to garden soil. So it’s recommended to water your veggies everyday.

The complete range of spinach can be grown in small containers

All type of spinach are plants that can grow in compact spaces. Whatever variety you choose to use, the recommended size container should be 4-6” deep and filled with 1-2 pints of potting soil. You should also add a quarter tablespoon of balanced fertilizer and water everyday. Moving the plant into more shady areas for a few hours a day will help the soil absorb the water better. After the plant starts producing spinach, implement a water soluble fertilizer into the routine every one or two weeks.

Growing plants in containers involves a little more attention and care compared to growing them in your garden. However, all the steps are pretty simple – you’ve just got to water them daily, check for any problems, and provide support to their growth where you see fit, while also fertilizing them. So, try growing your own container plants using the techniques above!