Sculpting toned thighs and perky glutes doesn’t have to be such a challenge anymore

When it comes to exercising and improving your body, there is one particular area that becomes problematic for many people – their lower body. Do you hate having to struggle fitting into your jeans all the time? First of all, you should realize that your legs are what take the brunt of the damage that occurs when you eat unhealthily and fall off your exercise routine.

Building muscle to give your legs and glutes that toned look, without losing an unhealthy amount of weight can be a hard balance to achieve. However, you’ll be over the moon to learn about the following five exercises that will help you achieve perky glutes and toned thighs. You can even do them at home!

Tip: We advise that you begin doing one set of each of the following five exercises. When you start to get more comfortable with all the movements, you can gradually increase the amount of sets you complete.

Side lunges are great for defining the muscles in your thighs

Begin with your feet shoulder-width apart. Step to the right and bend your leg to lower your body, while keeping the other leg out straight. Return to the starting position in a controlled motion and repeat for 10 reps per leg.

This lift will give you a good burn in your legs!

Start by laying on your back with your feet on the floor and your knees bent. Put a light medicine ball between your knees and lift your butt off the ground to ensure your shoulders and knees are in line with each other. Try to hold this position for around 30 seconds before lowering yourself back down.

Workout your inner thighs using this unique exercise

Lie down on one side and put the top leg over your bottom one so that it is bent. Ensure that your knee is resting on the ground and lift up the straight leg as far as you can go (without straining too much to begin with) and lower it back down. But don’t let it touch the floor. You’ll find this creates a burning sensation on your inner thighs, which is exactly what you want! Complete around 10 reps for each side.

Glute bridges are fantastic for sculpting your butt to perfection

Begin laying flat on your back with your arms by your side and your knees bent. Gradually squeeze your glutes and lift your hips up as though you’re trying to get them to reach the ceiling. Ensure that your neck and head are relaxed on the ground and hold the position for around two seconds before bringing your hips back down to the floor, slowly. Not only will this target your glutes, you’ll also be working your hamstrings and lower back too!

Make your glutes stronger by doing donkey kickbacks

Start by being on your hands and knees. Ensure your hands are right under your shoulders and your knees are positioned under your hips. Stretch one leg out behind you until there is an imaginary straight line going from your back, to your leg. Bring your leg back down and repeat on the other leg. Complete 10 reps per leg.

If you want to achieve the perfect butt and toned legs, these five exercises are essential and should be a major part of your regular workout routine. Give them a go and after a consistent period of time, you’ll start to see incredible results!