The FDA has targeted all homeopathic remedies in its latest draft guidance document released in December 2017

Homeopathic remedies have always been treated differently by the FDA, but now they seem to have changed this long-standing decision. Now the remedies have been labeled as “new drugs” and are now “subject to FDA enforcement action at any time.”

All homeopathic drugs are now illegal, and the FDA has just destroyed an entire industry

Homeopathy has managed to keep a lower, albeit, safer profile compared to other drugs like opiates, whose deaths have now become a health crisis. Which is why it is rather surprising that the FDA is using its already dwindling resources to cause trouble for the homeopathic industry, saying that there is a need to “protect consumers who choose to use homeopathic products.” The big question is why homeopathy is being targeted now. According to the FDA, there is a “large uptick in products labeled as homeopathic that are being marketed for a wide array of diseases and conditions,” which has made homeopathy become an industry worth $3 billion.

One can easily see why a whopping figure like $3 billion can be intimidating for Big Pharma, the FDA’s biggest fan. According to the Alliance for Natural Health USA (ANH USA), “[I]n one fell swoop, the FDA has declared that virtually every single homeopathic drug on the market is being sold illegally.”

The FDA seems adamant and are taking enforcement actions to a whole new level

According to the FDA, they are coming up with a  “new, risk-based enforcement approach”  that will put “unapproved drug products labeled as homeopathic that have the greatest potential to cause risk to patients” in their crosshairs. These products include:

  • Products with safety concerns that have been reported. Products that have or claim to have ingredients that have been linked to potential health risks.
  • Products meant for administration in non-topical or non-oral ways. These include products meant for treatment and prevention of serious and/or potentially fatal conditions and illnesses.
  • Products meant for populations that are vulnerable. These include products that don’t meet the standards of strength, purity or quality that is required by the law.

Homeopathy is based on the theory that “like cures like,” and it has been shown to work

In order to heal a condition in homeopathy, people are given very small doses of a substance that can produce the same symptoms as the condition that they are suffering from if given in bigger doses. These types of remedies can be manufactured from minerals, plants and other substance. They are usually administered in the form of a pellet that is dissolved under the tongue. Several interesting studies suggest that homeopathy is safe and effective when used to treat a variety of illnesses, such as the flu. According to Dana Ullman, CCH, MPH, one of the top homeopathy advocates in the U.S.,:

“The use of a homeopathic medicine called Oscillococcinum is an example of a remedy that can be effective for many people with the flu, through clinical experience suggests that it is most effective when used within 48 hours of getting flu symptoms. Although most homeopathic medicines are made from the plant or mineral kingdom, Oscillococcinum is unusual in that it is made from the heart and liver of a duck.”

It is clear the FDA is just trying to protect Big Pharma – don’t let them get away with it

The latest draft guidance by the FDA concerning homeopathic drugs is trying to target remedies that have a track record of being effective, even though how they work is not yet fully understood and needs further study. The FDA is receiving comments about the matter from the public until the 30th of March 2018. This is your chance to voice your opinion on the matter before it is too late.