Sleeping not only makes sleep awesome, it also makes you awesome

Studies show that sleeping commando is the way to go if you want to enhance your sleep and well-being. When it comes to sleeping naked, only 8% of Americans do it. The fact that sleeping commando aids in preventing overheating is why it offers so many health benefits, and this can significantly affect your sleep in a positive way. You sleep better when your body temperature drops, which is what happens when you sleep naked. When you wake up your temperature goes up again, which makes it that much harder to sleep.

Sleeping naked lowers your body temperature, which helps activate brown fat and improves your metabolism

Studies have shown that people who have increased brown fat levels have increased sensitivity to insulin, better control or their blood sugar and quicker resting metabolic rates. One study showed that the levels of brown fat were doubled when participants slept in a chilled room.

Sleeping naked improves blood circulation, which benefits your muscles and heart the most

This is because your blood flow gets less restricted when you sleep without clothing.

Want healthier private parts and skin? Try sleeping naked

For women who have been afflicted with a yeast infection, sleeping naked is especially useful because bacteria love living in warm, moist areas.

Sleeping commando helps improve sperm quality by keeping them at the right temperature (slightly below body temperature)

Sperm quality is reduced and fertility is affected when men put on underwear that packs testicles near the body.

Sleeping naked releases bonding hormones that improve sex life

Your bodies release oxytocin (a hormone that promotes bonding) when there is skin-to-skin contact between two people. Sleeping naked also increases the chances of sex, which makes a couple bond even more since sex usually happens when two people are naked.

Sleeping naked helps minimize food cravings, stress and anxiety and supports healthy sleeping patterns

Since sleeping naked helps your body stay cooler during the night, it balances melatonin and growth hormone and decreases cortisol.

It’s time to prioritize sleep for optimum health

By simply sleeping more hours during the night, you can enhance your overall well-being, minimize your risk of many mental and physical problems and greatly improve your quality of sleep. You must sleep early if you want to maximize your sleep. Sleeping at midnight can lead to sleep deprivation if you have to wake up by 6:30 in the morning.