Autistic child was upset with the results he got in his SAT tests

Ben Twist is an 11-year-old boy with autism who completed his SAT exams in school. Despite trying his best, he didn’t receive the kinds of results he was hoping for. It left him feeling pretty down as he had set high standards which he had hoped to achieve. When Ruth Clarkson, his teacher, found out how disappointed Ben was with the results, she did something that no one expected.

A special letter uplifted Ben’s spirits in no time

She wrote a letter to Ben to help him realize that exams don’t always determine success. The letter made it clear that Ruth believed in many of Ben’s other talents, which included sports, art, and music, as well as his developing independence and unlimited kindness. She wanted to let Ben know that everyone at the school thought very highly of him, regardless of his test scores. Ruth’s letter had a purpose to boost Ben’s confidence, and it did just that, as well as much more.

When Ben read the letter, his outlook on his results completely changed. He realized that the test scores were not an accurate representation of the many other qualities and skills that he possesses. They simply measured a very small portion of who he is. Ben’s mother, Gail, was also deeply touched by the kind words of Ruth. Gail was so happy and emotional about the letter her son had received, that she couldn’t help but upload it onto Twitter.

Ruth’s amazing letter is gaining praise from people everywhere

The amazing attitude of Ben’s teacher has become widespread and there are many people who are congratulating her for boosting the confidence of an autistic child and reminding people that your self-worth cannot be measured by test scores. And that’s coming from a teacher!

People are saying that this is the kind of support that kids need nowadays. Rather than being upset about bad test scores, kids should look at them on ways to improve and see them in more of a positive light and realize that the experience will improve their overall development. Ruth’s letter was incredibly inspiring and will, undoubtedly, change Ben Twist’s life forever.