One of the biggest studies concerning CBD (cannabidiol) has revealed that people are giving up pharmaceutical prescriptions completely for CBD

This is because CDB products are providing them with much better relief!

HelloMD and Brightfield Group are the ones who carried out this research. It involved 2,400 community members of HelloMD. 55% of the participants were women. It appears men would rather use cannabis products that are THC-dominant than CBD, according to the statistics.

People are using them to treat their joint pain, anxiety, depression and insomnia, and the results have been great so far

To explain the reason people are ditching pharmaceuticals for CBD, the chief medical officer of HelloMD, Dr. Perry Solomon, told Forbes, “We are seeing an exponential rise in the interest of CBD products from our patient community—particularly among women.” He continued, “While we still have much to learn about CBD, we cannot ignore this one fact; the majority of those using CBD products today receive great benefit. This has the potential for far-reaching consequences.”

Researchers say that 42% of the participants involved in the study said that thanks to the products made from CDB, they managed to stop using prescription medications such as ibuprofen, Tylenol and even more powerful prescription painkillers.

A whopping 80% of people who were surveyed reported that for them, CBD was “very or extremely effective.”

Only 3% reported that CBD did nothing for them.

With greater public awareness of the amazing benefits, CBD can become the ultimate alternative treatment for many people

Director of Brightfield Group, Bethany Gomez, said, “This study is exciting because it shows there is potentially a huge barely-tapped market for CBD products that could improve the lives of many people.” She continued, “With further research and public education, CBD could be an effective alternative treatment for many people, particularly at a time when our nation is in the midst of an opioid crisis.”