A cluttered environment can cause you to lose focus

Studies suggest that people in an environment filled with clutter are less likely to be able to focus for as long in comparison to people who are in decluttered and organized environments. It was found that this was caused die to the visual cortex of the brain being overly stimulated, which hindered the brain from processing information as effectively. The result was a delay in attention and a reduced ability to complete tasks on time.

A messy room can actually increase stress levels

Messy rooms have great impacts on your mind. Another study looked at families and their levels of stress related to clutter. The researchers found that one of the biggest things that caused stress came down to a poor ability to manage possessions. To be more specific, mothers were found to have increased stress levels due to cluttered rooms.

The minimalist lifestyle is one that many people could learn from

Minimalist people focus on the time and moments shared among loved ones and friends, rather than being attached to possessions. They tend to keep a small amount of things that they find bring them true pleasure, and leave anything else out that they don’t believe benefits them. As a result, they are not attached to physical objects and there is less clutter to deal with.

There are easy steps to clearing out clutter in your home

Decluttering your home may feel like an impossible task, however, there are many items in your home that you could easily get rid of. Just keep in mind, you will be improving your overall mental state be clearing things out.

Things you can throw out of your bathroom include:

  • Old bath mats
  • Dried up nail polish
  • Expired toiletries
  • Old makeup
  • Old air fresheners

Get rid of the following things from your living room:

  • Old newspapers
  • Old toys that your kids don’t play with anymore
  • Batteries that don’t work
  • Furniture manuals

You can declutter your room by getting rid of the following:

  • Old bedding and sheets
  • Anything you haven’t worn in years (includes old scarves, jackets, or tops that don’t fit or have gone out of style)
  • Unused hangers

Throwing out kitchen items will take a big weight off your shoulders

Try throwing out the following things in your kitchen:

  • Multiple cooking utensils that are the same – you only need one!
  • Unused mugs
  • Magnets – they’re not all sentimental
  • Shopping bags

If you feel like you’re mind is lacking focus, and is a bit all over the place, you should consider that it could be due to the amount of clutter in your home. Studies prove that it increases stress and hinders your ability to focus. So decluttering your home, could mean decluttering your brain too!