The aluminum you use daily in the kitchen can be toxic for your body

Aluminum is something people use almost everyday, especially when it comes to the kitchen. It’s a great way to improve recipes, especially when it comes to cooking fish and meat perfectly. However, studies show us that tiny amounts of aluminum can have toxic effects on the body. In particular, it can increase neurotoxicity that enters the bloodstream.

There are dangerous links between aluminum and and brain health

One study suggest that being exposed to aluminum is the biggest cause for Alzheimer’s Disease. It also advises people that avoiding aluminum will reduce your chances of ever getting the brain degenerative disease in the first place.

Aluminum was found to be able to pass through the blood/brain barrier. Experts believe that this is what can be a major cause for Alzheimer’s disease and it’s something that most people in the modern world use regularly.

People are using way more aluminum than what’s recommended

The World Health Organization’s (TWHO) aluminum limit is completely ignored by most people. A study showed that people are exposing themselves to six times the amount of aluminum that TWHO recommend for safety reasons.

The salts from aluminum are soaked up by the gut and make their way into different tissues inside the body. As well as the brain, it can also reach bone and parathyroid. Researchers say there are many health risks that are actually difficult to summarize due to their enormity.

If you often use aluminum foil when cooking, try using alternatives, such as baking parchment. You could also stick to ceramic and non-stick cooking pans and pots.