Mixing bleach with other, common household items is bad for your health

Even though there are people who state that bleach is a safe product to use, there has been an increase in the amount of research that proves otherwise. And since it’s one of the most common household items, there are people all over the world who may suffer from health issues due to using bleach.

One of the most toxic effects of bleach happens when you mix it with other things. These other household chemicals in combination with bleach can cause some very dangerous effects.

Mixing bleach and ammonia causes chloramine gas to be produced

While the labels on most bleach products will warn you not to mix it with anything containing ammonia, among other household chemicals, many people don’t read the labels. Furthermore, the labels don’t actually tell you about the negative effects. The reaction caused by ammonia and bleach can be deadly.

The chlorine in bleach is converted into chloramine gas, when mixed with ammonia. Being exposed to chloramine gas can cause nausea, coughing, chest pain, throat irritation, pneumonia, and wheezing.

Alcohol and bleach make a carcinogenic property

There are many people who mix alcohol and acetone together to make an effective cleaning agent. However, when alcohol and bleach come together, chloroform is created. That’s the stuff people use to knock people out and is commonly seen in movies! Studies also show that chloroform is a likely carcinogen.

Dirty water mixed with bleach can also result in chloroform gas

While bleach products instruct you to only combine it with water, what many people don’t realize is that it can still create the cancer-causing chloroform gas. When bleach meets water that contains a lot of organic matter, AKA dirt, the reaction can be chloroform gas.

When it comes to using your everyday bleach products, be sure to pay special attention to what you mix it with. Ensure that you only mix it with clean water and always keep it far away from pets and kids.