This new discovery uses stem cells to grow new teeth!

Dr. Jeremy Mao worked with his team and found a way to use stem cells, which acted as a scaffold, for new teeth to grow on. Their procedure replaces the missing tooth with stem cells from your own body which accelerates the process of regeneration. The tooth begins to fuse with the tissue around it without any prompting. This incredible revelation could mean no more expensive trips to the dentist to replace a missing or damaged tooth.

This recent finding is actually safer than using dental implants

Research shows us that dental implants increase the person’s risk of various health conditions later on in their life. These problems include heart, liver, and kidney disease. Furthermore, implants can aggravate existing autoimmune diseases or cause them to happen in the first place.

The testing being done on people using this stem cell approach is completely safe as the elements being used biologically work in harmony with the human body.

It’s not only the dental world that could be changed by these findings…

Dr. Mao is working with his team to develop their teeth replacement procedures by using new stem cell research to perfect the process. However, this could lead to more than just safer and efficient tooth replacements for patients, it could also be applied to heal broken bones and cure genetic disorders.

It takes nine weeks to regrow a tooth using Dr. Mao’s procedure, which is longer compared to the conventional methods, but the catch is that the new tooth is actually real. It has been grown using your DNA and comes with no side effects that could take a toll on your health.