Plastic bottles are plentiful these days, some might even say too plentiful. But your plastic bottle don’t have to pile up in a landfill. There are lots of ways you can reuse plastic bottles and turn them into something brand new.

Here are 12 ideas to give your used plastic bottles new life.

Bottle Boat

You can make a variety of boats and kayaks with some plastic bottles, glue, and foam.

Watering Can

Poke holes in the cap of a milk jug so you can use it as a watering can.


Slice a plastic bottle in half, paint and decorate it, then slip in your plant. You can even add some string and hang it.

Hanging Organizers

You can turn a plastic milk carton into a hanging organizers with a few snips of a scissor.

Change Purse

Cut off the bottoms of two plastic soda bottles and glue a zipper to their inside rim. You can even make them look like apples.


Tape some plastic bottles together and cover it with foam and fabric to create an ottoman.

Jewelry Stand

You can make this jewelry stand from the bottoms of soda bottles with few inexpensive pieces from the hardware store.


Fill a plastic bottle with bird seed and poke some spoons through it to let the seeds out and to create perches.


Cut the top off of a water bottle, then cut it into strips halfway through the bottom. Fold the strips over to make a pretty vase.

Jet Pack

Let your children’s imagination run wild by making them a jet pack. Paint two soda bottles silver, add some felt fire to the bottom of the bottles and glue it to a piece of cardboard with straps.

Hanging Chandelier

Use bottle bottoms and clear string to construct this grand hanging chandelier.

Underwear Organizer

Cut off a plastic bottle in the middle and tape the rim. Use it to store your undies.

Trash Can

Turn your trash into a trash can