ADHD medications have serious side effects

There is need for an alternative to the strong drugs prescribed to kids suffering from ADHD. Children who take these drugs suffer various sides effects like appetite loss, difficulty sleeping, elevated heart rate and even seizures. Good news is that there is an option that has existed for thousands of years: essential oils.

A new study has shown that vetiver essential oil improves symptoms of ADHD for 30 days

Vetiver oil has been proven to improve ADHD in children, according to research conducted by the late Dr. Terry S. Friedmann. He was a physician who believed the mind, body and spirit where one, even in treatment. Children saw their school work, behavior and brain wave patterns get better after they inhaled vetiver oil 3x daily for a period of 30 days. The same results were also seen in 80% of kids who used cedarwood oil.

Parents are backing up the research with their own evidence

Tina Sweet is a mother from Wellington, Florida, who has evidence that essential oils worked for her 11-year-old son who is suffering from ADHD.

She saw his grades get better, shifting from Cs and Ds to As and Bs, after using essential oils for aromatherapy. On top of giving him an essential oil bracelet, each morning, she rubs essential oils on different parts of his body. Her child is now known as a “calm child” and is now taking advanced classes while in the fifth grade.

Other essential oils work too

Rosemary is another essential oil that has been proven to improve the symptoms of ADHD. Participants saw an improvement in performance (they were faster and more accurate) after performing tasks in a cubicle that was diffused with rosemary essential oil.

A number of people have problems sleeping when they suffer from ADHD. Lavender essential oil helps with sleep since it has sedative effects, which have been proven to promote sleep.

Other essential oils that improve ADHD include:

  • Ylang ylang: Has been known to be relaxing
  • Frankincense: Makes the brain peaceful and calm
  • Bergamot: Has been shown to alleviate anxiety and stress
  • Eucalyptus: Increases blood flow to the head, helping with mental fatigue
  • Lemon: Keeps emotions in check and boosts mood

Want to use essential oils to treat your child’s ADHD? Here’s How

The two best ways to use essential oils is by applying them directly to the skin (topically) or inhaling them. The easiest way is to just put three drops of the essential oil into a diffuser. Another way is to also inhale the essential oil straight from the bottle 3x daily, taking 2-3 deep breaths every time.

Another method that works is inhaling 3-7 drops of steam from essential oils by wrapping your head with a towel and taking deep breaths with your nose (Warning: your eyes must be closed).

When using oils topically, apply a small amount behind your ears, wrists, neck and/or bottom of feet. Be sure to perform a patch test first if you have sensitive skin and watching for 1-2 hours for a side effects like irritation.