Jerry Rosman has been a livestock and corn farmer since 1974 and was once a faithful advocate of “scientific innovations,” including GMO corn

In 1997, Rosman started using genetically modified (GMO) corn when the first Roundup-ready seeds were introduced to the world by Monsanto. Jerry fed his pigs this GMO corn, but he only started noticing problems with the crop that he produced in the year 2000.

Jerry witnessed one terrible side effect: his pigs started having reproductive issues

His pigs started experience false pregnancies or pseudo pregnancies, which is a condition that makes the pig seem as if it is pregnant while it is not.  80% of Jerry’s pigs were affected. After getting “pregnant,” his pigs would give birth to a “bag of water.” And this went on and on for some time in a majority of his pigs, according to Jerry.

It took him a year to discover what was really wrong

When Jerry investigated for the usual suspects, he came up empty.  Since this never happened on a scale like this in the past, he was baffled. The cause was definitely something he had never encountered before.

A year of these pseudo pregnancies went by before he managed to figure out the source of his pig’s reproduction issues: it’s was the GMO corn!

Turns out Jerry wasn’t the only one being affected

After conducting some research on nearby farms, he discovered that he wasn’t the only one with this problem. Five fellow farmers were also experiencing the same reproductive issues after feeding their livestock GMO corn.

Unfortunately, by the time the Idaho farmer discovered the problem, it was too late

The end result was that Jerry lost his farm, even after he tried changing the feed of the pigs. They just weren’t in any shape to get pregnant for real. But Jerry didn’t want the same thing that happened to him to happen to others, so he started spreading the word about the risks associated with feeding GMO corn to livestock. He even consults on organic farming with small farming operations.

After Jerry’s story came out, other farmers heard his warning and stopped using GMO crops

Jerry said, “The minute this hit national airways and I was getting some press, we’ve received some calls from another 25 farmers scattered out in the Midwest who were all experiencing the same problems.”

Researchers have linked GMO cord to reproductive issues, but Monsanto and other seed companies don’t seem to care

Jerry cited a peer-reviewed study that associated pseudopregnancy issues to GMO corn. It was published by researchers at Baylor University in Texas. The GMO corn’s compounds were probably to blame for the reproductive issues, according to the results of the experiments carried out by the researchers. They change the body’s hormones, which causes the reproductive problems, by acting as endocrine disruptors or estrogen mimickers.

GMOs are even being found in the food we buy at supermarkets

Including soy and corn, GMOs are secretly being added to an increasing number of our foods. They are being used instead of oils or fillers. A large number of products contain corn ingredients; one look at the ingredients list can tell you this. Some of them are quite obvious, such as modified corn starch, corn syrup, corn sugar and corn oil. There are also other places where food companies can hide corn, such as modified food starch, natural flavorings and artificial sweeteners and flavorings.

Unfortunately, these seed companies haven’t conducted any long-term trials to prevent or diagnose the issue, according to Jerry. He said these companies “absolutely resist even the idea of doing it.”

Seed companies aren’t conducting any tests to figure out the problem, according to the researchers that Jerry consulted.

“[They] said that technically they’re not doing any testing whatsoever. They are saying they are but they are not. The researchers out of Texas said they run into the same brick wall when they went to the FDA wanting more studying done on this problem. They said they weren’t interested. It was not an issue of their concern.”