Travis Rudolph is being praised by people all over the U.S. for what he did for an autistic child one lunchtime. It all started on a Tuesday when Bo Paske, an autistic child, entered the cafeteria.

Usually, he would get his food and sit on his own. However, things took a surprising turn for Bo. As he sat down and went to eat his lunch, he looked up, and Travis Rudolph had sat down in front of him.

He said “Hey dude” to Bo, and that’s how it all got started. Travis is a talented receiver who plays for the Florida State football team.

There were five players in total visiting the school on a community service program. But Travis saw Bo sitting on his own and went to start a conversation with him.

Bo’s mother was especially taken aback by what Travis had done. She often worries about her son sitting on his own at lunch and is thankful to Travis for picking to sit with her son that lunchtime.

Travis has encouraged the kids in Bo’s school to include him more during lunchtime because he is a genuine person. And guess what? The day after Bo had met Travis, all of the kids wanted to sit with him at lunch!  

It just goes to show how a small act of kindness can go a long way.