If you’re struggling on ways how to get rid of wrinkles around your eyes and mouth, as well as on your neck, you’re going to want to check out what Dr. Berg recommends.

There are two main ways you can approach expelling wrinkles. The first one being to use anti aging creams that you rub onto the skin. However, wrinkles are a sign of aging, which is something that happens within the body.

Therefore, these external creams are often ineffective. Working on ways to de-wrinkle your body should be done using internal methods instead. The skin that is aging must be restored from the inside.

Retinol is the star player here. It’s a nutrient that does wonders for your skin. Cod liver, egg yolks, and butter are packed full of it! The key vitamin that it contains is vitamin A. this vitamin is what makes retinol so great for your skin.

You can get it from eating more egg yolk, grass-fed butter, cod liver oil, spinach, kale, and parsley.

Furthermore, rejuvenating your skin and helping it to stay healthy can be aided by collagen peptides too. Vital Protein is a high-quality brand to try out!

You also want to make sure to avoid certain things too. High levels of insulin prevent vitamin A from working within the body. Intermittent fasting is an effective way to keep your insulin levels controlled and ensure your skin remains healthy.

Stress is a huge factor in the appearance of your skin. It releases cortisol which is the chemical that has a negative effect on your body. Also, don’t forget to pay attention to your bile. If you’re low in it, and experience bloating, belching, or burping, use purified bile salts – they will also help your body absorb vitamins more easily.

The best natural anti aging methods come from what you put into your body. Incorporate the above tips into your daily life, and over a consistent period of time, you’ll notice healthier skin!