Raw, green and fruit smoothies are life giving – just look at your face glow after one week. Green smoothies help people flatten tummies and keep your energy levels high. If you’ve wanted a way to add fruits and veggies to your plate – look no further…

For those of you who are tired of trying restrictive diets, just try one green/fruit smoothie in the morning and watch it transform your day. I can’t say enough here, so suffice it to say – we need to know the secret to the tastiest green smoothie – or else our kids will hate us and we will hate leafy greens, and our get-up-and-go will literally get up and leave!

How to make a nasty smoothie

Are you thinking of using Swiss chard and a Red Delicious apple for your smoothie? Good luck with that. While arguably healthy, this is going to look like foamy sewage and taste like dirt. It’s probably the reason people quit after their first drink.

Pssst! When in doubt – fruit it up! Add dates. Don’t be afraid of fruit sugar like I was for 15 years – and suffered dearly for it.

But that’s not the secret to the tastiest green smoothie – it’s only part of it.

The real secret to the tastiest green smoothie

The other part has to do with the two types of fiber according to the Boutenko family, aka, “The Raw Family.” Insoluble fiber is the kind that we weave clothes out of and are found in greens.

But we also want soluble fiber for its creamy consistency, texture, sweet taste that will mask the chlorophyll and ability to suspend all the particles in a smoothie so they do not separate and take on the sewage look. Those would be bananas, blueberries, apricots, strawberries, pears, kiwis, papayas, peaches, mangoes (have both fibers).

The Boutenkos have two videos demonstrating the secret to the best smoothie every time. One HERE and one below. Any type of blender should bring you good results with the tips above. I have THIS basic one and it has served me fine for years. PS – you are welcome to add coconut milk or yogurt but these smoothies do not need any creamy additives.

Another good resource is Green Smoothie Girl and the Medical Medium.

I also enjoy the smoothie videos of Phyllis Stokes of Southern Frugal.

Watch Valya Boutenko demonstrate:

What do you think – have you used these tips? Have they helped you perfect the all mighty green smoothie?