Cars are important to many people living in developed countries since it is a private form of transportation. They allow us to timely and efficiently get from one place to another.

But gas is not cheap and that may be one reason why some people tend to squeeze out as many miles as they can from a tank of gas.

But it might not actually be such a good idea to constantly run your car on low gas.

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If you are trying to save money by holding out on filling up your tank, here are three reasons why it is not a good idea to run your tank on low.

The electric motor of the fuel pump is actually cooled by the fuel. So when there is a lack of fuel in the tank, this causes the windings to cool itself with air instead of liquid gasoline.

This leads to the fuel pump electric motor potentially overheating since gases are not as efficient in removing heat from the windings as liquids.

When heat from the winding cannot be removed efficiently, this leads to overheating and then eventually the melting of the windings.

Moreover, fuel acts as a sort of lubricant for the pump. When fuel is low and the air is running through, it causes premature deterioration or wearing of the rotating parts.

Also, when a car is low on fuel, it tends to pull up the sediment that usually sits at the bottom of the tank.

The sediment or gunk that sits at the bottom can clog the strainer or the fuel filter element that comes after the pump.

Once the clog occurs, there will not be enough fuel pumped to the engine thus causing the car not to run. That’s why it is important not to run you car low on fuel.