Minerals from Himalayan salt can be absorbed easily into the body

Research reveals that Himalayan salt contains 84 of the minerals and natural elements that are inside the human body. These minerals and elements are what help to keep your body revitalized and healthy. The miners contained in Himalayan salt are also in an iconic state, meaning they can be absorbed very easily due to their smaller size.

Salt therapy has been around for over 200 years

Even though the U.S. is only just being introduced to using salt for therapeutic purposes, it has been used in Eastern Europe for over 200 years. It was common for people with lung problems to go to salt mines and inhale the salt to experience the healing benefits. Salt therapy is now becoming a more popular therapy method and there are more salt rooms being introduced in wellness places, such as spas. Salt is full of antifungal, antimicrobial, and antibacterial properties which are great for boosting your health.

Salt inhalers contain a ton of amazing health benefits

The modern salt inhalers have small Himalayan salt rocks at the bottom. As you inhale, the moisture from breathing in the air absorbs the salt particles which enter the lungs. This can alleviate inflammation and help with other conditions such as congestion, asthma, cold, allergies, and hay fever. There are also no side effects!

Some of the other great benefits of salt inhalers include the following:

  • Reduces excess mucus due to its natural expectorant properties
  • Lowers the swelling and redness of the nasal passages
  • Decreases inflammation and irritation from smoke and pollutants

Using a salt inhaler is pretty simple!

Put Himalayan salt rocks at the bottom of a ceramic inhaler and put the mouthpiece into your mouth. Breathe in through the mouth and exhale through the nose. When you breathe in, be sure to take long, deep breaths to ensure the salt particles can reach your lungs.