In a sign that the tide is beginning to turn in terms of public opinion of marijuana, there is now a new push to legalize medical marijuana in South Carolina.

Never known for its reasonable drug laws even the Palmetto state is being forced to admit that not only does marijuana not cause ax-murders and terrorism, but that it has a substantial amount of benefits.

The bill, H4037, is being examined this congressional session and will focus specifically on THC.

There are three state representatives sponsoring the legislation: Peter McCoy, John King and Jenny Horne.

There are some medical uses for marijuana that would be beneficial not only for kids with epilepsy, but for patients with post-traumatic stress disorder, fibromyalgia, terminal cancer,” said Representative Horne. “Other states have done this quite successfully and we’ve looked at some of the other states who have done it well and kind of modeled the legislation off those other states.”

Horne pointed out that the passage of a bill that legalized the use of CBD oil in 2014, has allowed the Medical University of South Carolina to conduct clinical trials using CBC oil. Likewise, she says that H4037 would bring similar opportunities to the state.

Horne says,

Hopefully we’ll be able to use our resources at MUSC to do more research on medical marijuana and the effects it can have on different conditions. So, it would be very regulated and would have to be supervised and tight controls on what is grown and what is harvested, for what purposes and that sort of thing.

Unfortunately, Horne is not confident that H4037 will pass this session and stated that she saw the bill having only a 50/50 chance. Regardless, we wish the bill well and advocate for the legalization of medical marijuana in hopes that the true benefits of the plant may soon be realized and capitalized on as well as a much needed winding down of a disastrous drug war.