When you see a video of a little kid at the zoo interacting with an animal, you probably think it’s going to be a happy, upbeat video.

This interaction between a little girl and a massive lion was anything but cute. The little girl is staring at the lion from the other side of the glass in the zoo enclosure.

She presses her hand up against the glass and leans in to give the lion a kiss through the window.

The action does not sit well with the lion, and instead starts to furiously paw at the glass screen. A woman in the background tells her to back away, and that the lion is telling her to move away.

He continues to sit and stare at her, and his mouth is open and you can see his nostrils are flared. This lion is not happy.

She stays by the window and moves in close again, and once again the lion starts to maul the glass furiously. This time she jumps back a little. Someone says to her ‘let’s go.’

Animals can be unpredictable so it is a good thing that the glass is there for protection. People have commented on the video saying that of course animals act out when they are kept in enclosures like that.