For some people, falling in love is just scary

When we fall in love with someone, we can be filled with inhibitions, whether it’s because we don’t trust easily or because we have been let down in the past. The facets of your personality that hinder you from falling in love can be determined by your zodiac sign, and tell you why you find it so difficult to surrender yourself to love completely.

Aries are afraid to love because they fear the excitement will die down, forcing them into a routine

One of the things an Aries absolutely hates is being stuck in a boring routine. They fear being tied down, even though they desire to fall in love and have a steady relationship.

Tauruses protect themselves and deter people with their standoffish behaviour, but they value trust above anything else

It is easy to turn the world of a Taurus upside down; this why is they are afraid to love. They are afraid of betrayal. So because of this fear, it can be extremely hard for a Taurus to give in completely in a relationship.

Geminis find it hard to love because they are afraid of monotony

Geminis love to be social because it offers them a new exciting experience every time. They can start to feel stressed out when in a relationship, as they tend to get monotonous. That is why Geminis leave before it gets too serious so they avoid the monotony. Feeling excitement with a partner in the long-tern is extremely difficult for a gemini.

Cancerians are naturally caring and supportive, which makes them afraid their partners will take advantage of this

They know this because they have probably been burned a couple of times. A Cancerian who has learned their lesson will probably refrain from giving it their all unitil their partner has earned their complete love. Cancerians are also people who find it challenging to recover from a failed relationship because they get too emotionally invested. This is why entering into a new relationship can be a challenge for them since they tend to be extra wary.

Leos have too much pride, which makes them afraid of showing vulnerability

Leos can’t stand the thought of letting their partners see just how vulnerable they can be. They have worked so hard to put on a hard exterior that they are afraid that their partner won’t accept them if they appear to be less anything than that.

Virgos are perfectionists who can’t stand failure, even when it comes to relationships

Virgos are resistant when it comes to accepting what is expected of them in a relationship. They can’t stand the messiness that is inherent in relationships and they find it difficult (and embarrassing) to accept this because they never like to fuss and are always practical. They don’t know what is expected of them in a relationship and this is what makes them avoid getting into one.

Libras are very friendly and charming, making everyone want to be with them, which makes it hard for them to pick a partner

Their naturally affable personality also makes them like several people as well, and this makes them spoiled for choice. Libras usually have trouble picking a partner because several suitors can be courting them at once.

Scorpios are a flirt, but they are afraid of showing their vulnerable side

Scorpios also fear that someone can betray them and leave them vulnerable after they let them in. They have deep feelings, and they don’t want people to know they can easily be hurt. That is why they keep people at a distance by being good flirts.

Sagittarius don’t want to be tied down –  they want to keeping moving and have fun all the time

They want to always be on the move, travelling across the globe and making new friends. When they’re in a serious relationship, they can lose this freedom, so they stay away from them. They also preffered light hearted conversations and steer clear from deep conversations of real substance.

Capricorns are private people and don’t want their partner discussing their problems with others

When it comes to what goes on in a relationship, Capricorns prefer that the minute details remain between them and their partner. They’re afraid that their partner won’t adhere to this and reveal some of the intimate details of their relationship to other people.

Aquarians are non-conformist who go against the norms and are afraid their partner won’t like them for who they are

They want their behaviour and causes supported by their partners. They also need someone who shares the same values and beliefs as they do. They are afraid that their unique personality can make it a challenge for them to be loved.

Pisces value their personal space, but they easily lose themselves in relationships once they let someone in, which makes afraid of getting hurt

They always try very hard to please their partners, putting their partner’s needs ahead of theirs. Pisceans are afraid that they can easily be taken advantage of by their partner. They are afraid to fall in love with someone because they easily get deeply hurt by breakups or arguments.