No, Ladies, Testosterone will not make you bulk up

As the aging process continues, both men and women experience a decline in testosterone production. It aids in maintaining muscle and bone mass, contributes to sex drive or libido and plays an important role in manufacturing estrogen naturally.

Here are the symptoms of low testosterone levels:

  • Fatigue
  • Low energy
  • High blood pressure
  • Increase in fat stores
  • Increased cardiovascular risk
  • Decreases sexual desire
  • Decreased strength
  • Loss of lean body mass
  • Decreased work capacity of muscles

Vitamin D3 and Zinc deficiency are the most likely culprits behind your low levels of testosterone

To manufacture testosterone, your body needs several nutrients. But deficiencies in zinc and vitamin D3 are the most common causes of low testosterone production. Your body gets a boost of testosterone naturally when you consume foods that are rich in vitamin D3 and zinc. You can also get a boost of vitamin D3 naturally from the sun.

1. Studies show pomegranate can increases your levels of testosterone between 16-30%

Research has shown that pomegranate improves mood, increases libido and lowers blood pressure since it contains plenty of iron, antioxidants and vitamins E, C and A.

2. Cruciferous vegetables, like cauliflower and broccoli, will raise the levels of testosterone in your cells

They do this by aiding your body in the excretion of estrogen. Now you know your mother had a good reason to force you to eat those vegetables.

3. Honey has compounds that have been linked to high levels of testosterone

Honey has a mineral known as boron and contains lots of nitric oxide. Just by consuming 4 teaspoons of honey, you can increase your levels of nitric oxide by more than half.

4. Garlic is potent and raw and is not only good for repelling vampires

There is a compound in garlic known as allicin. It aids the body when it comes to decreasing the levels of cortisol, which is the body’s stress hormone. Testosterone and cortisol have always competed against each other when it comes to binding onto the cells of your muscles. Testosterone can do it’s job more efficiently when you decrease your levels of cortisol.

5. The yolk of eggs is a precursor to testosterone

But unless you are told otherwise by your doctor, the cholesterol that the egg yolk contains is not a threat to your health. As a matter of fact, a study showed that participants can consume about 3 eggs daily and not have their cholesterol levels affected.

6. Extra virgin olive oil has been shown to boost levels of testosterone between 17-19%

Participants of the study who ate it for 3 weeks are the ones who showed this testosterone boost. To maximize the benefits of extra virgin olive oil, you are better off finding organic olive oil of the highest quality.

7. Coconut contains saturated fats, which your body requires to manufacture several hormones, including testosterone

Coconut also aids in the manufacturing of cholesterol, which, as you already know, is testosterone precursor.

8. Consuming foods rich in zinc is a must

Any food we eat that contains high amounts of zinc will boost testosterone since a majority of us are already deficient in zinc. These zinc-rich foods include raw pumpkin seeds, cashews, sardines, wild caught salmon and anchovies.