Lego is an activity where kids can really express themselves. It gives them a shot at being creative and showing off to the people around them what they can do. It’s honestly been around since forever. Lego never gets old.

A lot of people think of laziness as a negative characteristic. Sometimes it might be. But laziness can also get a difficult job done. As Bill Gates noted, “A lazy person will find an easy way to do it.” He was right.

In the Lego store, there’s a section that lets kids build their own creation. Once they do, they put their names on a paper, along with their age and name of their creation. After, they put their lego piece on top.

12-year-old Riley really channeled what exactly Mr. Gates was saying and thought of probably one of the best lego creations.

The photo of the creation was taken and posted on Twitter. In no time, the photo got 125,000 retweets.

Clearly, a ton of people thought that Riley would be the next Bill Gates in the future. Others speculated that she might perhaps do some other amazing job.

One Twitter user wrote, “There’s a great future in marketing waiting for you, Riley!” While another said they’d look for Riley’s work in the Tate.  

After seeing Riley’s creation on Twitter, other Twitter users decided to one up the original and posted photos of their own little creations.

One guy’s creation was said to be a Fidget spinner. While another just posted a photo of a block of lego with eyes claiming that it’s Jesus.

Another Twitter user noted that Riley’s creation was supposed to allude to the kind of creation that Legos are meant to evoke.

He posted a photo of a few Lego pieces and how they actually create a sort of optical illusion. Regardless, there’s no denying that Lego will never get old, no matter how much time goes by.