Vitamin A prevents eye inflammation, night time blindness, and dry eyes

Studies reveal, that on average, an adult needs 5,000 IU (International Units) of vitamin A everyday to maintain good eye health. This vitamin is an antioxidant that has proven itself to be incredibly valuable when it comes to improving eyesight.  Luckily, vitamin A is readily available in many different types of foods that you may already be eating on a daily basis.

Consuming plenty of carrots will improve your eye health

Eating just one medium carrot provides you with 200% of your vitamin A requirements for the day. They’re super easy to snack on too!

Just one cup of iceberg lettuce is full of vitamin A

Lettuce gives you a great boost of vitamin A and is incredibly easy to implement into your meals throughout the day. You can add it to salads and sandwiches to get a quick fix.

A medium sweet potato contains 438% of your average vitamin A needs for the day

Sweet potatoes are packed with nutrients, they taste great, and can be added as a side dish to your meals. They’re also pretty low in calories too which is always a bonus!

Cod liver oil supplements are an incredible source of vitamin A

Consuming just one tablespoon of cod liver oil everyday will put you over your daily requirements. Alternatively, you can opt to use cod liver oil capsules which produce the same effects.

Add a small sprinkle of red pepper to your meals

Just this tiny amount of red pepper provides you with 42% of your daily vitamin A needs for the day, which is pretty impressive!

Turkey liver contains a surprising amount of vitamin A

If you eat 100g of turkey liver, your body will be hit with an amazing 1507% of the advised daily amount of vitamin A! It also contains numerous other minerals and vitamins which most people have no clue about.

One tablespoon of paprika provides you with amazing sources of vitamin C, potassium, and calcium

You can get 69% of your recommended daily value of vitamin A by consuming one tablespoon of paprika. It’s a flavorsome seasoning that adds a pleasant kick to your meals.

Mangoes are brimming with nutrients and vitamins

Eating a cup of sliced mangoes leaves you with 36% of your daily vitamin A requirements. It’s great to add as part of a main meal or a dessert – get creative with it!

Whole milks is rich in vitamin D and A

While it’s a great source to get your vitamin A from, too much of it can become troublesome due to the high fat content. So we advise that you drink it in moderation.

You can get all your vitamin A needs for the day from mustard greens

A chopped up cup of mustard greens gives you 118% of your daily value of vitamin A. Furthermore, they contain a lot of vitamin E, fiber, folate, protein, and calcium.

Butternut squash is packed with beta carotene

When you consume beta carotene, it is converted into vitamin A. Eating just one cup of butternut squash gives you 400% of your daily vitamin A needs.

Kale – it’s tasty and rich in nutrients

In particular, it contains a lot of vitamin A. You are provided with 200% of your daily recommended vitamin A consumption by eating one cup of kale.

Start eating more vitamin A-rich foods today and improve your eye health

Now that you’re aware of what kinds of foods are high in vitamin A, you can begin mindfully implementing them into your diet. Consuming enough vitamin A everyday will prevent you from experiencing any eyesight problems and it’s pretty easy to hit the daily recommended values. All you have to do is take your pick from the list above!