Gaining belly fat could become more than just an appearance issue

Studies into belly fat reveal that it could actually be harmful and lead to harmful health problems. Fat gain around the belly area is considered to be especially dangerous because it builds up deep within the abdomen. This means that there’s an excessive amount of fat near your organs which undergo tremendous amount of pressure as a result.

This is known as visceral fat and it can cause a variety of health problems

Visceral fat has been linked with a slower metabolism, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and gallbladder conditions. The visceral fat is weighing down on your organs which often leads to the hormones falling out of balance. High blood pressure, clotted arteries, and damaging inflammatory cytokines are released. A common problem that people then experience is insulin sensitivity.

Not to mention the fact that increasingly high amounts of cytokines in the body cause harmful increases in inflammation which have been associated with memory loss and cancer.

Ginger tea can prevent visceral fat from accumulating

Ginger tea won’t necessarily work like a magic drink to fix all of the problems linked with belly fat, however, it can be effective at helping you lose some visceral fat. One study shows it can also protect your cells from being damaged by the cytokines due to increased inflammation caused by the visceral fat.

Other studies reveal that ginger is great at controlling glucose levels and digesting ginger among type 2 diabetes patients. Increased levels of sugar in the body are one of the leading causes for belly fat, so use ginger tea to prevent this problem in the first place. It will also make your weight loss goals easier to achieve as you won’t be gaining any new fat, you can just focus on losing what’s already there.

Use this ginger tea recipe twice a day to prevent excess fat gain and the related health problems

Put one slice of ginger into one and a half cups of water in a pot and boil. Leave to steep for around 15-20 minutes before pouring over a cup with mint leaves and squeezing in some lemon juice.