Wondering how to carry out a test to check your blood circulation without going to the doctors? Well you can actually carry out an easy test, without any pain, for yourself at home!

In fact, this is a method that doctors use themselves to check for blood circulation, which is especially important for people with diabetes.

It is known as the capillary nail refill test.

Put a little bit of pressure on one nail until it goes white. When you ease off the pressure completely, the nail should go bad to a red/pink color as normal. This is a sign that the blood has come back into the nail.

Medical professionals also use this simple test on people who have hypothermia or severe dehydration.

If you haven’t carried out this test before, you may find it very useful for your health. There are many people who don’t know they are diabetic until they carry out this test!

It’s important to keep in mind that this test shouldn’t be done as a way to diagnose yourself with a health condition. However, it is a great test that lets you know something isn’t right and that you need to see your doctor.

Another sign of diabetes to look out for is if you have small cuts around your nails. If your blood circulation is good, these tiny cuts and scratches should heal pretty quickly.

If you have diabetes, however, these tiny cuts will take much longer to heal.

So, if you carry out this capillary nail refill test, and the blood doesn’t come back into the nail within a second or two, make sure to visit your doctor and get checked out.