Your anxiety could be caused by a genetic mutation that makes you unable to process B vitamins

When people inherit the methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR) gene at locations A1298C and C677T, the gene can become slightly wonky. People then become predisposed to increased homocysteine levels.

Homocysteine is a toxic chemical that is found in our metabolic cycle and is responsible for methylation. This process is heavily dependent on B-vitamins and is very important when it comes to regulating our mood and many other things in body. When the B-vitamins MTHFR gene is working properly, it synthesizes folate into a form that is needed to turn homocysteine into methione, something that is vital to the the metabolism of DNA and the growth of cells.

This genetic mutation affects one in five people

It can also be responsible for several other things from diabetes or cardiovascular diseases to multiple miscarriages, strokes and several other conditions.

Researchers have linked MTHFR to depression and anxiety

As professor Professor Fenech, a principal research scientist at CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation), explains:

“Problems with folate metabolism have been associated with depression and/or anxiety. This is partly due to inadequate SAMe synthesis. SAMe is required for neurotransmitter synthesis which is important for proper nerve and brain function.

“Common polymorphisms (variants) in MTHFR can reduce its activity and potentially lead to a reduction in SAMe and neurotransmitter synthesis particularly if dietary intake of folate and vitamin B12 are also inadequate.”

The good news is that folinic acid and methylcobalamin B12 can help

Plus, they are cheap, relatively easy to find and side-effect free! On top of being relatively easy to find and cheap, these vitamins have don’t have any sides effects. You can supplement or eat the following foods to get them naturally:

  • Beef or chicken liver
  • Wild fish
  • Grass fed lamb and beef
  • Dairy products that are raw
  • Asparagus
  • Chickpeas