The footage shown from the hidden camera show What Would You Do? (WWYD) reveals what people do when faced with circumstances that have gone wrong.

One of their videos has been striking a chord with people everywhere. What happens when a veteran in San Antonio, Texas, can’t afford his groceries?

Well, the responses from people in line near him were simply amazing.

The show used two actors: a cashier and a military veteran. A scenario was staged where the veteran was speaking to the cashier about serving in the military and how he’s looking after his baby, who was born while he was deployed.

The interesting part comes when the cashier tells him he doesn’t have enough the pay for the groceries – which includes diapers and baby food!

WWYD captures the moments when the people of San Antonio step in to help the man pay for his groceries. The generosity on display here is incredible. The actors themselves were shocked at how willing people were to help him pay for his groceries.

Some of these people hardly had any money to spare for themselves, yet they still helped. Unfortunately, this is a situation that some veterans face after coming back home, and this video goes to show that the people are grateful for their service and want to do anything they can to help out.

Check out the video below to see why these people decided to help the veteran pay for his groceries.