Wondering on easy ways to get those tough water stains out of your toilet? Well, you’ll be glad to hear we have a super simple trick that you can use!

Getting out difficult water stains is a task that you may be trying to avoid right now. However, when you find out how you can remove them easily, we’re sure you’ll to it in no time.

The one secret ingredient that you need to effectively clean your toilet is Kool-Aid!

We know, it sounds like an odd trick, but it really does work. Simply empty out a sachet of Kool-Aid into the toilet and leave it for an hour. After this period of time, come back and scrub the toilet using a brush.

Give it a flush once you’re done and it’s as simple as that. You’ll notice that those stubborn water marks come off with ease. The toilet will be left looking sparkling clean, and all you need is Kool-Aid and a brush to scrub with!

Spread this tip with your friends and family. It can be especially useful in situations where nothing else is working – that pack of Kool-Aid in the cupboard can be used for more than just drinking.