While the benefits of exercises are known to everyone, many tend to give the morning fitness regime a miss due to the heavy work schedule or late-nights. However, morning workouts have more benefits than any other workout during the day — from controlling the weight, enhancing the mood and keeping you fit and healthy. Did you know it also helps you find your creative gene?

Whether it is in just writing an article, painting a canvas or churning out ideas for your office meeting; physical activity activates the creative juices and once they start flowing, there is nothing to stop you.

Early mornings are one of the best times to workout. Though it may seem tough at first, once you start, you’ll feel exhilarated. Getting done with your workout first thing in the morning means you are less likely to use job or family obligations as an excuse to skip it.

Working out bright and early boosts metabolism and gives additional energy, making one more productive throughout the day.

You start to look at things positively and feel refreshed and energised to start a new day at the end of a morning workout. To get that much-needed creative boost, set up a regular exercise schedule and see the difference.

  • Once you take a decision to start, stick to it and ensure you get a good night’s sleep.
  • Fix the time and duration, so that you can schedule your day accordingly.
  • To start off with, pick a simple outdoor exercise, like taking a walk, jogging, swimming which will allow your mind to wander as you work out.
  • Avoid high-intensity training which involves sports since it will take up too much of your physical and mental strength.
  • Schedule your workout to coincide with the sun rising. It will help make your morning workout fulfilling, psychologically as well as physically.
  • When you are done, take some time to relax in the natural surroundings.
  • Give yourself a reward. Have a special treat planned upon your return from your workout session like a cup of your favourite coffee or tea. After all, nothing motivates like rewards.
  • Carry a notepad and pen or a tape recorder to keep a track of the ideas that you might have right after.
  • When you are back home, take a quick shower, have a healthy breakfast and polish your notes.
  • Change is the name of the game. Ensure that your workout is a little different every morning. Vary your walking route or the pace of your exercise. Don’t let boredom be an option.
  • While there are benefits of exercising alone, if you have to brainstorm on a project, take your partner along too.
  • Exercise with people you know might do you good and help you generate a feeling of happiness all around.