There is a good reason why they give you jello at the Hospital

Every meal in the hospital comes with some jello; this is something you will notice if you have spent time in a hospital. It is bouncy and bright-colored, which would make you think it is there just to cheer up the patients. It’s actually the gelatin found in jello that is the reason these patients get it. It speeds up the healing process and soothes the gut.

Spending all that time in the bed means your bones need support in order to heal

When 80 people suffering from osteoarthritis were given supplements of gelatin for a period of 70 days, those who took the supplement said they experienced a reduction in joint stiffness and pain, according to a study.

Another study showed that when supplements of gelatin were given to 97 athletes for 24 weeks, they experienced a great reduction in the pain that they were feeling in the joints when both active and at rest.

The glycerin in gelatin helps support mental health and brain function

Most patients get disoriented mentally very easily when they are in a hospital, especially after a procedure that was difficult. A study showed that consuming glycine improved some aspects of attention and memory.

Gelatin helps you sleep, which speeds up the healing process

Gelatine is full of the of glycine, an amino acid that has been proven to promote sleep in a study where participants consumed 3 grams before bed. They said they found it easier to fall asleep, felt less tired the next day and sleep better than ever before, thanks to the gelatin!

Gelatin improves your gut health and it is easy to chew and digest

Glutamic acid, another amino acid in gelatin, has been proven to strengthen the gut wall and aid in the prevention of “leaky gut.”

“Leaky gut” happens when the wall of the gut becomes permeable, which allows bacteria to easily penetrate it and enter the bloodstream. Irritable bowel syndrome and other gut issues are exacerbated by leaky gut.