The pharmaceutical industry are liking the positive effects of ketosis

Studies show that a ketogenic diet is effective in treating cancer, as well as numerous other conditions, such as Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, and Alzheimer’s disease. The research is starting to turn people on to going keto however, mainstream medicine still aren’t too familiar with the benefits. After all, it’s something they can’t make money out of, but that being said, the pharmaceutical industry is taking a keen interest in ketogenic diets.

There’s a pill being made to produce the same outcomes as a ketogenic diet

The pharma industry is actually trying to mimic the outcomes that a ketogenic diet produces. However, instead of having people do it naturally through their diet, they are making a pill instead.

Going keto can stunt the growth of cancer

One study reveals that a ketogenic diet experiment on rats with cancer proved to be incredibly effective. It increased the number of blood ketones which was found to decrease the rate at which the cancer was progressing. This findings were also found to be consistent in humans. Ketosis also decreased the glucose in your blood and inhibited the growth of tumors. This was found to increase the survival rate among mice with systemic metastatic cancer by 56.8%.

Oxygen therapy was more effective when combined with a ketogenic diet

When researchers tested out oxygen therapy, it had no impact on the rate of progression in the cancer. But when they used oxygen therapy and a ketogenic diet together, there was a significantly larger decrease in blood glucose. This lead to the tumor growth rate being reduced dramatically and the mean survival time increased to 77.9%. This has shown itself to be an effective method of treating cancer that produces no toxic effects.

A ketogenic diet is, essentially, putting your body into starvation mode

Choosing to go keto involves going back to prehistoric times. When people weren’t able to have enough food due to unsuccessful hunts, the body could go days without food. Your body is able to last long durations of time without food – it’s in your DNA. Sticking to mostly meats and vegetables, and keeping the carbs low and fats high, will help you achieve ketosis.

Your body begins to burn up the fat and sugars currently in your body as a fuel source, which helps you to lose weight. But, as you now know, a keto diet can also slow down the rate of cancer growth too!